Let’s take it right back to the beginning It is believed that empanadas and the very similar Italian calzones are both derived from the Arabic meat-filled pies, samosas. Culinary history finds the first references to something similar to a pie … Read More

Only five months to go…

Today marks five months until Christmas Day 2022.  You may think that it is far too early to begin the countdown, although indulging in five advent calendars doesn’t sound too tough!  Christmas is a time that comes upon us so … Read More

Bike packing from Scotland to Slovenia because ‘it seemed like a good idea’!

Matt Fairbrother is an extremely level-headed seventeen-year old Kiwi enduro racer who is currently taking part in the 2022 Enduro World Series (EWS). This is his first ever time outside of New Zealand and he’s made the trip happen through … Read More

Sports junkie delight

You many have thought that Morzine was ‘all raced out’ after the epic Spartan weekend held here earlier this month.  Almost 7,000 headband-clad Spartans jogged into town to compete in the 5, 10, 21 or 50km obstacle-riddled events.  The 50km … Read More

No more cheese!

Fear not, however.  Hideout Hostel’s restaurant is here to save you from your next cheese-induced nightmare. … Read More