In response to the COVID pandemic we have updated our booking terms and conditions to offer our guests complete peace of mind regarding their booking with Hideout Hostel.

If your holiday is cancelled for any of the reasons stated below, your balance payment will be fully refunded and your deposit payment automatically converted to a voucher for a future holiday at Hideout Hostel. This voucher is valid for 18 months after the arrival date of your existing booking:

– If Hideout Hostel has been forced to close due to the laws and regulations of the French Government, as well as any other local or public authority

– If France goes into a national lockdown

These new booking terms are valid up until 48 hours before your arrival into the resort. The above booking terms and conditions are applicable for all new bookings for winter 2020/21, summer 2021, winter 21/22 made after 5th February 2021.

For the avoidance of doubt this enhances your protection by replacing the terms in clause 5 that would otherwise apply in these circumstances.

Braveheart SARL – Hideout Hostel is required to comply with all national and local government imposed regulations, recommendations and measures relating to Covid. Accordingly we reserve the right to make changes to the services offered or service level provided by Braveheart SARL – Hideout Hostel during your stay in our accommodation should this be required by such regulations. Reasonable efforts will be made to keep any such interruption to a minimum.

You can now choose to book the standard rate, or a fully flexible rate.

If you have any questions regarding your booking, or you would like to book please get in touch with us: