Self Drive Ski Holiday to Hideout Hostel, Morzine

There is no getting away from the fact that this pandemic is here to stay for a while. So, we have to adapt to this new way of life.  With travel restrictions constantly changing, and flights getting cancelled, have you ever thought about a self drive ski holiday? It may seem like a long drive, however there are many benefits! Keep reading for why you should self drive to your next ski holiday in Morzine, at Hideout Hostel.

Self Drive Ski Holiday to Hideout Hostel, Morzine

From Calais to Morzine, it is just over an 8 hour drive. (Which if you take into account getting to the airport, 2 hour wait before departure, 1.5 hour flight from London to Geneva, Waiting for your baggage, waiting for your transfer and the transfer up to resort) It is only a couple of hours extra and you get to stay well within your social bubble, rather than sharing an airport and flights with strangers. 

Other benefits include no baggage restrictions and having total freedom whilst on your holiday in Morzine. This might include driving to the lifts so you dont need to share a busy ski bus, or even going on a day trip to the absolutely stunning Lake Annecy. 

Below are our tips of the trade for a successful self drive ski holiday: 

Plan your route well in advance 

Most of us have smart phones with Satellite navigation apps. However, if they are not up to date, or they take you on a closed mountain col road unexpectedly, this could add hours onto your trip. 

The most popular route is mapped out here

Driving from UK to Morzine

Pick your mates (and your car) wisely

  • Who has the best car for the journey? Can you add your friends onto the insurance policy to help with driving? 
  • Make a banging spotify playlist to keep the stoke high!
  • Pack car snacks and lunch as the service station offerings in the middle of France may not compare to the service stations you are used to in the UK, and can be pretty pricey. (The instant coffee machines are way better than you think though!) 

Ferry or Euro Tunnel?

There is definitely pros and cons of both options. 

The ferry takes approximately 1.5 hours, but is also a welcome break to a long drive, especially if you have had a long drive from  home to Dover, and also a good chance to get a meal on the ferry and stretch your legs. 

The Euro tunnel takes approximately 35 minutes from platform to platform. So considerably faster. 

If you book far enough in advance, the cost is about the same for each option. 

Tolls and Fuel

We Recommend driving on the toll roads, otherwise it can add up to 5 hours to your journey. The toll roads are smooth, well maintained, the traffic generally flows well and is obviously more direct. 

Depending on the size of the vehicle, the tolls are approximately €80 each way. 

There are plenty of service stations for fuel or electric charges along the way. When you start getting into the mountains, we recommend making sure you have a full tank of fuel incase there are any delays to your journey because of bad weather or snow. 

Essential Items You Need in the Car

There are a few things you need to have in the car to be legal on the road in France. 

These items include: 

  • Warning triangle 
  • High visibility vest
  • One unused, certified breathalyser
  • Country sticker unless your car has euro plates
  • Spare bulbs
  • Headlight converters. 

You must also have a minimum of third party insurance for every driver (check with your insurer before you travel to make sure you are insured overseas), your full valid driving license and paper counterpart, original vehicle registration document (log book) and your passport. 

Driving in the Snow

Unlike the UK, when it snows in the mountains, life goes on as normal. The roads get cleared quickly and effectively, however you will still need to be prepared. Always carry snow chains in your car in case you get caught out. It is not a legal requirement, but have a think about having winter tyres fitted too. 


  • Practice putting your snow chains on at home in the light. So you know how to use them. And then again in the dark. You dont want the first time putting them on to be at midnight in a blizzard. We have all been there and its rubbish if you dont know what you are doing! 
  • When driving in the snow, as a general rule you should drive slower than normal. However you want to try and keep your momentum going as much as possible. Especially when approaching an uphill or on a hill. 
  • Use as high a gear as possible with low revs.  You can try and set off in second gear as this tends to stop wheel spin.
Self Drive Ski Holiday to Hideout Hostel, Morzine

We are offering flexible terms and conditions so you can book your next holiday with peace of mind.

To book your next self drive ski holiday at Hideout Hostel Morzine:
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Please find our full t’s and c’s here, however for a quick covid recap see below:

In response to the COVID pandemic we have updated our booking terms and conditions to offer our guests complete peace of mind regarding their booking with Hideout Hostel.

If your holiday is cancelled for any of the reasons stated below, your balance payment will be fully refunded and your deposit payment automatically converted to a voucher for a future holiday at Hideout Hostel. This voucher is valid for 18 months after the arrival date of your existing booking:

– If the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (or your country of travel origin equivalent) advise against non-essential travel to France
– If you are required to quarantine upon arrival in France due to the laws and regulations of the French Government
– If you are required to quarantine upon return to the country you are travelling from
– If Hideout Hostel has been forced to close due to the laws and regulations of the French Government in that country, as well as any other local or public authority
– If France has closed its borders or is otherwise denying entry to visitors

These new booking terms are valid up until 48 hours before your arrival into the resort. The above booking terms and conditions are applicable for all new bookings for winter 2020/21 and summer 2021 made after 7 September 2020.


You can find live updates on the current travel advice and the COVID – 19 Pandemic here:

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To book your next self drive ski holiday at Hideout Hostel Morzine:
Book direct:
Contact us:
Call us: +33768634821

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