Daredevil Rides Off The Avoriaz Cliffs!

Last week Red Bull released footage showing a whole new way to get down from Avoriaz in style.

Tom Pages, a five time X Games gold medalist and X-Fighters champion rode a motocross bike off the iconic cliffs of Avoriaz back in October and this week the footage was finally released.

The ramp had already drawn some attention from locals who had been wondering when the footage would finally be released, and it was well worth the wait.

Pages had been planning the trick for a while but Covid delayed his plans. Finally, he has been able to make it happen in spectacular style as the conditions lined up perfectly in October.

Pages hit the twenty three feet ramp at fifty miles an hour before performing a double frontflip off the 550 feet high cliffs.

He reached a speed of over ninety miles an hour as he plummeted down the cliff face. He then released a specially designed parachute as well as activating one on his bike.

Pages had wanted to combine his love of parachuting with his love of motocross, and this seemed like the ideal way to make it happen.

Pages trained extensively to build up to the stunt, first base jumping from helicopters, then moving on to bridges, and then, finally, cliffs. The final – and perhaps most tricky – part of the puzzle was to combine it with a motocross bike.

Both bike and rider landed safely and Pages then picked up his bike and rode the rest of the way down.

Following Valentin Delluc’s epic speedflying video through Avoriaz last season, it seems as though the town has really captured the imagination of some of Red Bull’s finest athletes.

Perhaps one day we’ll even see Travis Rice paying us a visit!

Watch the full video and remember, don’t try this at home:

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